RPM Services (Residential Property Management)

About Us

We are the liaison between the Property Owners and/or the Management Firm operating on the owner's behalf and tenant.  We are committed to a high standard of professional conduct, ongoing education, and a strict Code of Ethics and Standard of Business Practice to service our clients.


Residential Property Management refers to residential rental dwellings of all kinds.  One of the main responsibilities of a property manager in residential management is selecting suitable tenants for the property.  One that is financially stable, capable of complying with the terms of the tenancy and a good reputation.  This is in addition to collecting rents, negotiating agreements, controlling the maintenance of the property and keeping accurate books and records.

  • Market and Advertises property listings
  • studies current markets, trends and advises our clients of findings to ensure their investment operates effectively and profitably.
  • shows property to prospective renters.
  • Screening and selecting of suitable tenants.
  • Qualifies the renter through reference checks and credit checks.
  • Negotiates leases or tenancy agreements.
  • Walks through the property and conducts a pre move in report.
  • Collects rent cheques and damage deposits for properties.




Managing your property!